Reporting and Control Solutions


TRD allows for the integration of the day-to-day invoice information into the system of the company without manual intervention, meaning great savings in work and costs for the company.

The company has access to a file created daily by Viajes El Corte Inglés, with invoice information of the previous day, which is automatically integrated into their system by means of a programmed task in the server.


UETTR is a mechanism that tracks the databases of electronic tickets and only locates past tickets that were not utilized with the purpose of proceeding with a refund.


With the use of the electronic ticket, many travelers do not communicate with the agency when they do not utilize their ticket. If the ticket is not refunded, the company cannot recover the money lost. This booking tool assists with management of these tickets.


Viajes El Corte Inglés offers their corporate clients customized reports that highlight and sort your purchasing data according to the parameters you wish to analyze. These reports will help you identify you booking habits and determine what you can do to optimize travel expenditure, predicting savings potential by identifying costly booking habits.

  • Vecintelligence


– Facilitates the management of the agreement of the trip.

– Provides statistical information essential to decision making.

– Realizes possible scenarios of savings based on changes in the travel agreement.