Solutions prior to the trip


Corporate Atlas is a web solution for managing trips that allows the traveler to make their own reservations in an easy manner from work. It is performed intuitively and in real time and in agreement with the policy of the company and the selection of preferential providers.

Advantages for the company:

  • Addresses the agreement of providers
  • Fulfills the agreement of the trips (fares, suppliers, services, expense control, etc.).
  • Travelers can make their own reservations (the traveler can book directly or through a trip planner)
  • Improves the applications of the company
  • Obtains savings for the price of services (with compliance of the agreement of the trip) and administrative costs.
  • Authorization flows Integrated
  • Allows for integration of external tools (trip expense application, geolocation and security tools, SAP, etc.).



ProfileLink is a transference tool of the profile of the traveler that synchronizes with AeTM through two possible options:

  • External ProfileLink from the BBDD of the company to AeTM: allows corporations to transfer, in real time, their profiles to AeTM, in an efficient and secure manner. It begins with an initial load and coordinates the profiles from an external data base (Ex. SAP HR) to the data base of AeTM.
  • Profilelink AeTM-CSX: allows for the daily and real time synchronization of the profiles created in AeTM with the data base of GDS in a one directional manner in order to have quality data in offline reserves. In this way the profiles of the Delegation will be the same as those of AeTM and will directly bring the client up-to-date.





A tool used by travel agents to look for the best fare available. All Fares Advanced books flights that appear in Amadeus through web pages of companies with low prices.

A powerful engine that searches and lets one know if there are flights, with low priced companies, to cities they wish to make a reservation in. It also gets information quickly to the passengers.   All Fares Advanced interacts with the web pages of the companies with low prices by way of TravelFusión , making the reservations through their own web page.


VODE is a robot that works on the airline reservations of Amadeus at the request of the agent, taking into account the time frame of the requested reservations. It has two separate functions.

  • Automatically search for openings on a waiting list
  • Search for fares on flight reservations marked down in price.

VODE is a complement to the efficiency of the agent in the search for competitive fares lending to the possibility of working on a reservation away from the office and in advance of the trip.


An internal system of quality control of the data in the reserve.

A tool that checks each reservation and automatically confirms the information according to the criteria established for each client. This includes negotiable fares, invoicing, etc.

Also performs general functions such as trip recommendations and dealings with preferential providers.

Quality SCRIPT

A tool administered to enrich the information offered to the traveler regarding the plans of the trip with the objective of optimizing savings and making the savings reports automatic.


Permite incluir información sobre la tarifa vigente (precio, tasas, cargo de emisión) así como las condiciones de las mismas; sobre la tarifa plena, negociada de la empresa, la tarifa “desde” y la tarifa más barata en los mismos vuelos; y sobre los cambios que se han hecho en la reserva, así como la antelación de la petición.


A tool for travel agents that offers , in an easy to read and standardized format, different travel proposals for the same flight and hotel request.

  • Integrated in the hotel booking tool that the agents use (GDS)
  • Sent via e-mail and allows for many different trip scenarios in order to better the proposal to the client
  • The notifications of Travel Offers has been regarded as complete and clear: contains the right amount of information so that the traveler can choose the best option
  • Stockpiles and sends out up to 20 trip alternatives
  • Reduces the waiting time of administration of proposals.