Trip Solutions


The Enriched Itinerary is a document of the flight plan that offers the passenger a friendlier and easier way to understand the flight plan that presently exists (conventional).

The principal advantages of Enriched Itinerary are the visualization of information in a more legible format and the personalization of information.

  • Inclusion of the company logo
  • Hyperlinks to the website of trips
  • Information of interest regarding destinations or the agreements of trips. Enriched Itinerary comes in a PDF format with simple directions for each passenger.


Viajes El Corte Inglés fulfills the request of clients for technical implementation of automatic processes and the management of necessary information for the traveler and people hired directly by the client to troubleshoot. This facilitates the security of the trip.

Some of the troubleshooting/security systems implemented for business clients of Viajes El Cortes Inglés are:

  • ANVIL.
  • ASI.
  • Travel Watch.
  • BCD-Compleat.
  • i-JET.


Checkmytrip allows access to a web resource of information about reservations and booking trip tools of Amadeus, personalized for the clients of Viajes El Corte Inglés.

From this web application one can check the details of the reservations made through GDS and gain access to useful ways to calculate exchange rates, determine the weather, obtain information about airport guides, etc.