Holy Land

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land makes for a trip to the scenes of the Old and New Testaments a crossroad where various cultures converge and search without stopping for a new path that leads to peaceful coexistence.

Path of Saint Paul (Turkey and  Greece)

This is a tour of the most important places of the Asia Minor where Saint Paul, Saint Lucas and Saint Barnaby passed through. Also includes a trip to the area where the Cristian communities of the Primitive Church were located.

Poland: After Saint John Paul II

This tour goes deep into the life and customs a fervent Catholic town. We will discover the places where Saint John Paul lived, studied and taught. A life dedicated to Crist from beginning to end.

Virgin Mary Sanctuaries (Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje)

This is a pilgrimage to the place where everything is named for the Virgin Mary. A spiritual retreat, a school of prayer, a refuge for peace and silence where one can listen to the spirit of the saint.

Path of the Virgin Mary

This is a cultural and religious path that connects the Pilar, Torreciudad, Lourdes Meritxell and Monserrat sanctuaries. You will experience an itinerary of faith guided by the spirit and devotion of Saint Mary with great tour, patrimonial, rural, gastronomical and natural richness. It connects 3 countries: Spain, France and the principality of Andorra. The experience is diverse and multicultural and each sanctuary possesses its own unique characteristics.

Path of Sefard

This is a path that promotes the patrimony of Judaism in the Jewish quarters of cities in Spain. We will experience the great historical-artistic Sephardi legacy. This includes a very emblematic and historical tour that drives directly into the heart of Jewish neighborhoods and their twisting alleyways. We will visit a museum that tells its story, ancient synagogues and places linked to these Jewish communities.